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Saviors Update is now live on Lineage II Classic. Check out the patch notes.

Savior's Known Issues post.

Dragon Pendant Event tips:

Claim your free Dragon Pendant now (2/27~3/6).
- It is recommended to upgrade your dragon pendant first before you enchant it.
- Upgrading an enchanted pendant will reset the enchant value to 0.
- Dragon Pendants have no safe enchant level
- Make sure to unequip and store (in storage) any Dragon Pendant you do not wish to upgrade or enchant.

Lineage II Classic is Live!

Lineage II Classic is now live. Enjoy this unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original gameplay experience at release in April, 2004.

Full patch notes for the Lineage II Classic can be found here . Also, check here for the latest on Known Issues with the release.