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Can I transfer my character to a different server?

Yes.  The Paid Server Transfer Service allows you to move a character from one game server to another, with the following guidelines:

  • Character was created over 30 days ago.
  • Character must be level 40 or higher and have completed their second class transfer.
  • A character may use this service once every 30 days, no less.
  • Lineage II account must be in good standing (able to play, not suspended).
  • Character is not currently queued for deletion.
  • Character cannot belong to a clan or alliance.
  • Character is not a Hero and is not queued to become a Hero next month.
  • Character has no incoming or outgoing mail.
  • Character does not have any items registered at the Auction House.
  • Character is not currently queued for other account services.

For more information about the Paid Server Transfer Service click here.

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