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Recurring Monthly Pack

The Recurring Pack is a 30 day subscription of a collection of in-game items. It contains helpful buff items along with new and exclusive items. Once you set up the subscription, you will be billed every 30 days and a serial code will be automatically delivered to your account. Currently, the only Recurring Pack available is the Prestige Pack (recurring packs are not available for Lineage II Classic servers). However, keep an eye on the website for additional Recurring Packs to become available.

Does a Recurring Pack work on Lineage II Classic Servers?

A: No, Recurring Prestige Packs are not available for Lineage II Classic. Recurring Packs only work for Lineage II.

How Can I subscribe to a Recurring Pack?

Ordering is simple. Please note that this is a subscription with a recurring purchase. This means you will continually be billed for this every 30 days until you manually go in and cancel your subscription.

  1. Head over to the Lineage II Shop
  2. Choose Prestige Pack
  3. Please read through the Terms and Conditions. Once done Click “I have read and approve these terms”
  4. Click Purchase
  5. Select your payment method (Please note: The price will change from 1200 NCoin to the equivalent $15.00)
  6. Review and click Confirm Purchase button only once
  7. Your purchase is now complete! Click Continue

How do I activate a Recurring Pack?

If you just purchased using the steps above, you will be directed to your NC Account Profile after your purchase is complete. You can then follow the steps listed below. If you did not just purchase this, you will need to login to your NC Account and then follow the steps listed below:

  1. Next to Lineage II click Manage
  2. You will see your Recurring Bundle under Available Codes. Click Activate
  3. Verify the correct account (email address) is listed for the code you are applying
  4. Click Redeem
  5. Select a Server and Character and then Click Next
  6. Review all the information and Click Confirm
  7. Click Account Management to return to your NC Account Profile


When you successfully redeem your code it is applied to a specific server. You will then need to login one character on that server and locate the Dimensional Merchant. Once you have located the merchant, you will then be able to collect your items. You will get a new code every 30 days until you decide to cancel the recurring subscription. You will need to go through the above process for each new code you receive.

Please note: Currently all items within the Recurring Packs are not meant to be tradable. Once a Recurring Pack has been collected with a character it cannot be transferred to another character. We cannot move the items for you once it has been collected. However, next month, you will get another serial code that you can activate and collect these items with a different character.

An activated subscription of a Recurring Pack will not expire until you choose to cancel the subscription.  However, if a Pack is not applied to your preferred character, the code will expire after 30 days, so be sure to visit the Available Codes section of your NC Account Profile to get the pack setup immediately.  The subscription is non-refundable and non-transferable.


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