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Hero Coin Rewards Program FAQ

What are Hero Coins?
Hero Coins are a new type of currency designed to reward players who make purchases through the L2 Store and the L2 Galleria.


Who is eligible to receive them?
Any Lineage II player is eligible to receive them simply by making a purchase through the L2 Store or L2 Galleria.


How do I get them?
Players receive Hero Coins for every qualifying purchase made on either the L2 Store or the L2 Galleria. Items with a cost of 80 NCoin or more award Hero Coins. Hero Coins are awarded at the rate of 1 Hero Coin for every 80 NCoin spent.


If I make a qualifying purchase, when will I get my Hero coins?
Hero Coins are bundled with each product listed for sale, and the player will receive the Hero Coins automatically in the player’s quest inventory at the same time that the player receives the product. The correct number of Hero Coins will appear, and be accumulated, in the player’s quest inventory.


Are Hero Coins shared across all my characters?
No, unlike NCoins that are shared amongst all characters on one account, Hero Coins are earned on characters that which you purchased an item of 80 NCoins or higher.


Is there a way to get bonus Hero Coins?
Qualifying purchase that is 800 NCoins or greater ($10.00 or greater) will receive a 10% bonus of Hero Coins, e.g., an 800 NCoin purchase will result in the award of 11 Hero Coins (10 Hero Coins for the 800 NCoins purchase and 1 bonus Hero Coin).

Do I get Hero Coins when I purchase a Prestige Pack?
Yes, Prestige Pack purchases are qualifying purchases and will provide Hero Coins. Any reoccurring purchases of the Pack will automatically deposit Hero Coins into the player’s quest inventory.


Do I get Hero Coins when I purchase a Server Transfer?
No, Server Transfer purchases are not qualifying purchases and will not provide Hero Coins.


Why do I already have a Hero Coin balance?
We’ve retroactively distributed Hero Coins to all players with qualifying purchases since the launch of free-to-play for Lineage II. Feel free to spend your coins; you earned it!


Where are my Hero Coins for past purchases on the L2 Galleria?
For every 80 NCoin you spent on the L2 Galleria you will earn 1 Hero Coin. These coins will be deposited to your highest level character. If you have multiple characters at the same highest level on the same account, the Hero Coins will be placed in the oldest character.


What can I spend them on?
The full list of items available for purchase using Hero Coins can be viewed by visiting the “Rewards” section of the L2 Store. Hero Coins can only be used to purchase the items in this area of the store. There are some exclusive items only available for purchase with Hero Coin.


How do I spend them?
Visit the “Rewards” section of the L2 Store, select the item you’d like to purchase, and check out normally. Your Hero Coin balance will reflect your purchase and you will receive your item.


Can I trade my Hero Coins for NCoin or cash?
No, Hero Coins cannot be bought or traded and can only be used for purchasing items in the designated “Rewards” section of the L2 Store.


Can I transfer my Hero Coins to other characters, accounts or players?
No, Hero Coins cannot be transferred.


Will I still get Hero Coins if I gift an item?
Because the Hero Coins are bundled with the item, the Hero Coins for the item will be delivered to the player along with the gifted item. The purchaser will not receive any Hero Coins for this purchase.


Do Hero Coins expire?
 Yes. Hero coins will expire at the end of every calendar year. At 5:01am PST on January 13th, all Hero Coin balances will be reset to 0. Be sure to spend your Hero Coins before they expire!

No! As of December 15, 2016, Hero Coins will no longer reset.  Details:

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