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Game accounts “no longer available”

If you have an NCSOFT Master Account with games no longer supported by NCSOFT, you may receive the following message when you log in:

"The game(s) associated with this NCSOFT Master Account are no longer available. Please create a new NC Account."

This means that the NCSOFT master account you are attempting to access does not have any game accounts associated with it. There are a number of reasons that the NCSOFT Master Account no longer has game accounts associated:

  • The Aion, Lineage II or Guild Wars game account(s) once associated with the NCSOFT master account were migrated/updated to an NC Account. If you remember updating to an NC Account (login name which is your e-mail address), please try logging into the site using your e-mail address. 
  • The NCSOFT master account had only game accounts for titles that are no longer available. If this Master Account had City of Heroes, a European Aion account, Dungeon Runners or Auto Assault associated with it, it cannot be accessed as these services are no longer available.

If you are receiving this message when attempting to log into an old NCSOFT Master Account and want to play a new game or register for an ongoing beta, you will need to create a new NC Account. If you need assistance with creating a new NC Account, click here.

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