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What does account security mean?

Account security refers to the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your account. Safeguarding your account is better ensured when your system has been secured as well.

Preventing use means stopping unauthorized users from accessing any part of your computer system. Detecting helps you to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into your system, if they were successful, and what they may have done.

To keep your account secure means that you are doing a number of things to protect it:

  • Keeping your user name and password to yourself; never sharing your password with others, including NCSOFT.
  • Never share any of your personal information with other players.
  • Using good judgment on how you communicate in-game and out-of-game.
  • Protecting your computer system from being compromised by others.
  • Regularly scanning your computer for malicious programs.
  • Changing your password on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring your e-mail account remains secure by updating your e-mail account password on a regular basis.
  • Add Two-Factor Auth on your account. See the following article: Adding 2FA on your B&S account
  • Not soliciting to gold sellers or power levelers.

It is each individual's responsibility to keep his or her account safe.  NCSOFT takes responsibility to provide systems, rules and regulations that offer as much protection to our customers as possible. However, this responsibility lies on the customer’s end - NCSOFT is not responsible for how players act in-game and out-of-game.

What we can do (and have done) is provide Rules of Conduct and this account security page. The Rules of Conduct is meant to help educate customers on our expectations for acceptable behavior in and out of our games.

This account security page is provided to inform customers of the dangers of certain out-of-game behavior, how an account can be infiltrated, and what each customer should to do protect their account.

We also frequently remind players to keep their account password private. Never give your account password to anyone, even our staff. Beyond these measures, it is the customer's responsibility to protect one's self from being taken advantage of. We cannot control your computer system and the decisions you make when interacting with others on the forums or in the game.

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