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Q: What is a Recurring Pack?

A: The Recurring Pack is a 30 day subscription of a collection of in-game items. It contains helpful buff items along with new and exclusive items. Once you set up the subscription, you will be billed every 30 days and a serial code will be automatically delivered to your account. Currently, the only Recurring Pack available is the Prestige Pack (recurring packs are not available for Lineage II Classic servers). However, keep an eye on the website for additional Recurring Packs to become available.

Q: Does a Recurring Pack work on Lineage II Classic Servers?

A: No, Recurring Prestige Packs are not available for Lineage II Classic. Recurring Packs only work for Lineage II.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Recurring Pack?

A: Ordering is simple. Head over to the Lineage II Shop, choose the Prestige Pack, and click the Purchase button. Choose your method of payment and follow the steps to set up your recurring subscription. Once you set up the subscription, a serial code will be waiting for you within your Available Codes section of your NC Account that you can apply to your account. Every 30 days, you will receive another serial code that you can apply to any one of your characters.You must be a registered member and have an NC Account, as well as a major credit card or PayPal® account.

Q: What Recurring Packs are available and what items do I get?

A: Currently, the only Recurring Pack available is the Prestige Pack. Please visit the store page for details on what’s in the pack.

Q: Does the Recurring Pack expire?

A: An activated subscription of a Recurring Pack will not expire until you choose to cancel the subscription. However, if a Pack is not applied to your preferred character, the code will expire after 30 days, so be sure to visit the Serial Codes section of your NC Account Profile to get the Pack set up immediately.

Q: How do I activate my Recurring Pack?

A: Once you subscribe to a Recurring Pack, a serial code will be automatically available to you in the Serial Codes section of your NC Account. You will get a new code every 30 days until you decide to cancel the recurring subscription. You must activate your Recurring Pack Serial Code from the Serial Codes section of your NC Account Profile. From there, you can manage all your Pack purchases. By clicking the Confirm button on the right hand side of the Recurring Pack, a series of pages will allow you to choose which server will receive the pack. After activation, the items will go to the Dimensional Merchant on that server. You will be able to choose which character receives the pack from the Dimensional Merchant.

Q: I applied my Recurring Pack Serial Code to the wrong character. Can I transfer or move the items to the right one?

A: No. Once the pack is claimed by one character from the Dimensional Merchant it cannot be traded to another character. You need to be very careful when claiming your recurring pack as we cannot move the items once they are applied. However, next month, you will get another serial code that you can apply to the correct character.

Q: Can I subscribe to multiple Packs?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to multiple packs. Players with multiple characters may choose to purchase multiple packs to provide all their characters with these great items every month, or they may choose to subscribe to multiple packs so they can apply all of the items to the same character. Multiple Packs are limited to 5 per account.

Q: Can I subscribe to the Recurring Pack with the NCOIN balance I have?

A: You cannot purchase/subscribe to a Recurring Pack with NCoin. Recurring Pack purchases must be made using a credit card or PayPal and it will be billed each month (approximately every 30 days) automatically or until you choose to cancel. You cannot combine your NCOIN balance and your credit card/PayPal to purchase the Pack.

Q: I bought a new Recurring Pack but I didn’t get my items!

A: Please remember that after purchasing the Pack, you get a serial code that you must activate from the “Available Codes” section of your NC Account Profile, where all Recurring Pack subscriptions are managed. After choosing which server you want to give the bundled items to, press Confirm on the right hand side of the screen. This will immediately send the items to the Dimensional Merchant where you can pick it up. You get a serial code every 30 days, and you must activate it and choose your preferred character first before seeing the items in-game each month.

Q: I’ve followed every suggestion provided on the FAQ but I am still having trouble with my Recurring Pack.

A: Please contact our Support team and provide a detailed description of the issue you are having. Our team will assist you in the best they can. Click here to submit a ticket.

Q: What items in the Prestige Pack are tradable?

A: The items you receive from the Soul Bottle Pack and the Blessed Scroll: Enchant (R-Grade) are tradable.

Q: If I buy two Prestige Packs, will I be able to use the Prestige Cube twice a day?

A: No, you cannot use two Prestige Cubes on one character. The cooldowns of these items are shared.

Q: How does the Prestige Rune’s Adena bonus work in a party?

A: To get the adena drop bonus in a party, the person with the Prestige Rune must give the last hit on the mob/raid boss. If your pet or servitor gets the final hit, then you will still receive the double adena drop bonus.

Q: How does the Prestige Rune’s Item Drop/Spoil bonus work in a party?

A: The item drop/spoil bonus works the same way as regular drop rate runes. The 100% bonus from one player with a Prestige Rune is divided by the number of players in the party. If all 7 members of the party have the Prestige Rune, then the item drop/spoil bonus will be 100%.

Q: Does the item drop bonus from the Drop Rate Rune (100%/200%) stack with the Prestige Rune?

A: Yes, the item drop bonus from Drop Rate Runes stacks with the Prestige Rune item drop bonus. Keep in mind that the two Drop Rate Runes 100% and 200% cannot be stacked together.

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Q: Which payment methods do you support?

A: You can use any major credit card or PayPal.

Q: Are Recurring Packs refundable or transferable to another account?

A: The subscription is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Q: I only want to purchase the Recurring Pack for one month. Can I do that?

A: The Pack is a recurring subscription, so if you want to use the service for only a month, you must cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Subscriptions can be cancelled by visiting the Billing section of your NC Account profile. Log into the NC Account associated with your recurring subscriptions. Click on the Billing tab, and you’ll see a Scheduled Payments section. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click the Cancel button in the Action column. Once you cancel, you will receive an e-mail notification of the cancellation and you will not be billed again for that specific subscription. If you are subscribed to multiple packs, you must be sure to cancel each one individually to ensure that you are not billed again. Canceling one pack does not cancel all packs. Additionally, if you are subscribed to multiple packs that are associated with separate NC Accounts, you must log into each NC Account individually to cancel any active subscriptions. If you cannot log into your NC Account, please contact customer service and they will be able to assist you with canceling any active subscriptions. Click here to submit a ticket.

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Q: Do I have to sign up for the Recurring Packs?

A: The Recurring Pack is an optional service we are providing. If you are looking for exclusive items to enhance your gameplay, look no further than the Recurring Pack.

Q: I am a new player. Why should I use the Recurring Pack?

A: The Recurring Pack is a great way to get bonus items to enhance your game experience. It is an optional service we are providing to not only get exclusive items but reducing the hassle of visiting the Store frequently.

Q: I need to contact Billing Support. What should I have prepared?

A:  Please provide your order number in your support ticket so that we can more efficiently help you resolve your issue.

Q: Can I buy or “gift” my friends a Recurring Pack?

A: The option of buying or sending your friends a Recurring Pack is not available at this time. You are not able to transfer the items from one account to another.

Q: Can I trade Recurring Pack items to any character on my account?

A: Currently, all items within Recurring Packs are not meant to be tradable.

* Plus applicable sales tax. VAT tax will be applied to purchases made in European regions.

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