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XP Lose Issue Resolved

The emergency maintenance to address the XP lose has now concluded and servers are available to login.  The development team was able to identify the issue and adjust the XP values to what they were previously. 

When logging in for the first time:  you will still see incorrect values on the login screen.  However, once you actually log into the character in-game, you will see the correct values displayed in-game; you just have to log in to 'correct' the display.  It will then display correct on the login screen and in-game after that.

First time login:

After logged in-game:

If you didn't log in today before the maintenance:  you should notice no changes at all (your character was unaffected).

Thanks for your patience, and we apologize again for any inconveniences.

If you notice any issues, please feel free to submit a ticket.

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