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Stacking Retail Serial Codes of the Same Type

If I purchase a retail serial code for a game I already have, will I be able to add the serial code to that same game account to get NCoin?

It depends. Retail serial codes (such as Standard Edition Serial Codes) cannot be applied to game accounts that already have that serial code applied. Retail codes are not game time cards or NCoin cards and were not made to stack on top of each other to obtain NCoin.  

For example, you cannot apply an Aion Standard Edition Serial Code to an account that already has an Aion Standard Edition code applied to the account to get NCoin. Those codes are not stackable. You also cannot apply an Aion Assault on Balaurea Serial Code (2.0) to a game account that already has an Assault on Balaurea Serial Code applied to it.

You can, however, apply an Aion Assault on Balaurea Serial Code to an Aion game account that only has an Aion Standard Edition Serial Code or a Collector's Edition Serial Code. All of those serial codes are different types of serial codes and provide different features. In this instance, there are features that would be added to the game account that it did not already have. Additionally, the account would also receive 1200 NCoin from the code added. 

However, some serial codes, such as a few of our game cards and some of our retail serial codes, can be stacked. Some of our Lineage II Serial Codes can be applied unlimitedly, such as our Lineage II Epic Collection Serial Code, or our Lineage II 4th Anniversary Edition Serial Code. This is because these serial codes have special items that can be registered to only one character at the time the serial code is applied. Those serial codes were made to allow customers to add several of those codes to one game account, so that they can get the special items on different characters each time they register that type of serial code.

In order to obtain NCoin, our suggestion is to purchase game time cards or NCoin cards, not retail box codes. 

If you are unsure that you are able to apply a certain serial code to your existing game account and would like confirmation before you purchase it, you can contact support using the Submit a Ticket link for assistance. 
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