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What Should I Do if I Think I Have Been Hacked?

First, you'll need to resecure your account. If you still have access to your NC Account, please change your password immediately using the Changing Your Password steps included here:  Password Issues
If you find that you cannot log into your NC Account, please first try resetting it on your own using the Forgot Password feature:  Password Issues
If you are not able to use the instructions above to resecure your account, please contact our Account Support Team for assistance. To do so, click the Submit a Ticket button and select the Login/Password Issue from the list. Please enter the requested information in each field and enter the Subject below.  If you are unable to provide any pieces of information, please let us know why in the Additional information field.  Also, if you have any of the additional information below, please include this as well:

I believe I’ve been hacked and can’t log into my NC Account to resecure my account

Additional Information:
Here is my account information:
Physical Address: ENTER POSTAL MAILING ADDRESS (not e-mail address) HERE
Serial codes/access keys: ENTER CODES/KEYS HERE
Please understand that NCSOFT considers a "hacked" account to be the unauthorized access of an account resulting from a criminal act. This may include distributing and propagating a keylogger, Trojan, or other computer virus. We do not recognize a "hacked" account to be the theft of items resulting from any sort of account sharing, trading, or selling. The security of an account and its contents is the sole responsibility of the account owner. Any items, currency, or experience lost in this incident will not be restored.
Account owners are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and security of their accounts at all times.

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