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Are they any dangers associated with real-money transactions for in-game currency or account trades?

We understand that there are a lot of businesses out there that claim to help gamers by selling them services that are desired by gamers, but not offered by the company providing the service.  The purchasing of currency, game accounts, or in-game items might seem like it hurts nobody while giving you a little more enjoyment in your game.

The truth about real-money trading (RMT) operations is often less innocent.

  • In-game currency for sale most often comes from stolen accounts and other internet fraud, such as stolen credit cards used to purchase NCoin which is then used to buy items that can sell for currency.
  • An account purchased from another person can never really be yours. The creator of an account is the only person who has a right to access the account. Because of this an account can be recalled by the creator at any time. In most cases if multiple people can provide enough information to “claim” the account, it will be close permanently no matter who spent the most money or played the most amount of time on it.
  • The Security Post covers these and other reasons why doing business with third parties offering these sorts of services is a bad idea.

If you want to spend money to enjoy the game more, please spend it on the official game store. It pays for improvements to the game and will allow you to continue safely enjoy the game. If there is a particular service you desire that is not provided ask for it on the suggestion section of your game’s official forum, You might find out that other people would like that service too!

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