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Low FPS/Performance Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with low FPS or performance in Lineage II we recommend you first consult the Minimum Requirements for the game to ensure that you’re system meets the required specifications to run the game. The minimum specifications can be found here.


If your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game, low FPS and performance issues can sometimes be caused by 3rd party programs interfering with the game client. We recommend you try disabling all 3rd party programs to see if it has any effect on your issue. For instructions on how to do this please reference the KB article here.

Reset Video Card Settings to Default

We recommend that you ensure you’re using the default settings for your video card. To ensure this is the case you can open up either the AMD Catalyst menu or the NVIDIA Control Panel (Both can be opened by Right-Clicking on an empty section of your Desktop).

Driver Auto-detect

When experiencing performance issues we recommend that you ensure you have the most up-to-date video drivers installed for your video card. Below we’ve linked the support pages for both AMD and NVIDIA where you can download the auto-detect tool offered to ensure your most up-to-date drivers are installed:

NVIDIA: -> Select the Auto-Detect Option

Open a Technical Support Request

If your issue still persists after trying all the suggested steps please submit a Technical Support Request. We recommend you run a DXDIAG first and attach the results to your support help request. For help with how to do this, please reference the KB Article here.

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