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How Do I Register for a Character PIN?

Upon logging into your account for the first time after the new Character PIN system has been switched on, you will be required to set up your PIN. This is done at the character selection screen.

1.    Launch the game and log into your game account using your game account name and password.

2.    Select any one of your characters and hit the Start button.
3.    You will then see a pop up message titled Register Character PIN, requesting that you register your character PIN.

4.    Using your mouse and the keypad provided in the pop-up, enter your preferred PIN and then re-enter it for confirmation. NOTE: You cannot use your keyboard to enter the PIN. You must use your mouse and the keypad on the screen. Your PIN must be 6-8 digits long and consist of different numbers. You will not be able to use the same number for each digit of your PIN, e.g. your pin cannot be 11111111.

5.    Click the OK button.

You will receive a confirmation message stating that you have set your PIN successfully. You will then be able to log into the game using your PIN.
All characters, even across different servers, will share this same PIN. You will have to enter your PIN whenever you launch the game and are attempting to log in as a character for the first time in that play session.

If you wish to change your Character PIN, please visit Changing Character Pin.

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