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What Does a Hacker Do?

Hackers go through great lengths to gain access to your system -- especially if you have a high-speed, uninterrupted Internet connection…most especially if you do not have a firewall, security software, and/or port monitor protecting your system. They are always looking for the easy target, so it is important to try your best to be a difficult one. They try to find ways to get your IP address, your computer password(s), or your account password. They may do this by establishing a friendship with you on message boards or through instant messaging, asking you probing questions so you will give up information that you would not normally share. They may even use tools and software to gain access to your system.

Hackers do not mind spending time to get to know you. It could take months to gain your trust, but an account thief won't mind waiting. Hackers have a lot of patience; the longer it takes to gain your trust, the more exciting it is for them.

If a hacker gains access to your system, he or she could potentially abuse any information you store on your computer: credit card numbers, bank account numbers, game accounts, online shop accounts, etc. They can send spam e-mail from your system, potentially getting your account or IP address banned, and may even attack other computers from your system. Hackers may also use your account for botting (running a program that plays the game for you without your interaction) and/or gold selling. Both of which could result in your account being permanently banned.

In terms of your game account, a hacker accessing your information could:

•    Transfer in-game property to other characters (namely theirs).

•    Delete any or all of the items on your character.

•    Convince your friends in game to allow the user in the account to "borrow" (steal) items or money.

•    Delete your main or other characters.

•    Use your account to bot and sell gold.

Please understand that NCSOFT does not have the ability to protect systems outside of its network, and cannot control the actions of any user which may be using your machine. It is each user's responsibility to keep their computer system secure and keep their account information private. Because of this, we will not be able to reimburse you in any way for anything else done to your account by a hacker. This is another reason it is imperative to do everything possible to make sure your computer is safe.

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