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How do I run the Game Advisor application?

Game Advisor

When opening a Technical Support Request we ask that you please run our Game Advisor application. The report generated bGame Advisor will provide us with helpful information about your system and Internet connection.

If you are using a router, hub, or switch, please disconnect this device and connect directly to your modem before running this utility. You may have to reboot your modem and/or computer to reestablish your Internet connection. If this isn't possible due to your network setup, please run Game Advisor with the router connected as the information will still be useful.

To run Game Advisor, please perform the following steps:

  1. To download the Game Advisor, go here:
  2. When prompted, save the file to your Windows Desktop so that you can access it easily.  Please save the file before running it - running from the website can cause file issues.
  3. Double-click on the Game Advisor file and then click on the icon of the game you're experiencing an issue with.
  4. Click on the Test Computer and Connection button and please wait a few minutes while the process completes.
  5. Once the process completes, a Test Result window will come up.
Screen Shots

In addition to this, we request that if you’re receiving any specific errors or issues you provide a screen shot, if possible.

Launcher Errors

Lastly, if you’re experiencing one of the errors from the NCSOFT Game Launcher and you see dialogue box with a Report Error option from the NCSOFT Game Launcher please also provide the logs so we can see what errors are occurring. To do this:

  1. Click the Report Error button to launch the log collector.
  2. Click Save to save the logs. 
Note: By default, the crash logs will save to C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\ folder. Please navigate to this location and attach these logs along with your screen shots to your ticket.
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